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Corporate Profile

Trinity Solutions (TS) is an Enterprise Management consulting firm specializing in designing, building and managing complex environments. TS is an industry leader in solving business problems through understanding the organizational requirements and existing technology processes of our clients. TS' client base includes numerous government and Fortune 500 organizations in all major market sectors. TS provides experienced, capable leadership from solution architecture through project design, engineering, and implementation. Our engagements have helped clients increase the performance and health of IT resources and decrease the time and expertise requirements of daily administration. Our consultants represent the top talent in their field and possess a broad range of experience and certifications in the latest technologies.

Enterprise Management Experience

Trinity Solutions has a proven approach to making the benefits of Enterprise Management a reality. This approach is made possible by the application of Trinity Solutions' in-depth subject matter expertise to the challenge of defining, planning, designing, and implementing effective, cost-efficient solutions for managing enterprise networks, systems and applications. Trinity Solutions distinguishes itself by approaching the Enterprise Management challenge as a business problem, the "Total Management Solution" to which must embrace organizational and process issues, as well as technology selection and integration. For over four years, TS has been providing EM services to all types of clients. To ensure the success of each client, TS has developed a corporate knowledge base and methodology for EM engagements. Our Monitoring methodology provides a framework for all consultants to follow to ensure the clientís EM strategy is clearly defined, the best technical solution is designed, and the implementation of products and practices is successful.

Experience in the DoD Environment

In addition to a solid track record with commercial EM customers, Trinity Solutions is a leader in delivering EM solutions to the Department of Defense. TS has provided three critical areas of expertise to DoD customers: an understanding of military organizationsí mission and business processes, and understanding of DoDís critical IT systems, and an understanding of the Tivoli Enterprise product suite including its deployment and operation. Currently, Trinity Solutions is supporting the Defense Information Systems Agency in the development of an EM system to manage the Global Command and Control System (GCCS) and the development of an EM architecture for the Global Combat Support System (GCSS).

Trinity Solutions well defined strategy of providing a wide breadth of Creative solutions to our customers - what they need, when they need them, and how they want them delivered - is the core to our success in the marketplace, the root of roi value, and our foundation for growth.